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Welcome to Oazkst! We specialize in digital signature and stamp signature authentication services, catering to industries like Business, Education, Individual, and Legal Authentication. Our comprehensive solutions cover a wide range of documents, including invoices, business proposals, appointment letters, agreements, resumes, certificates, marksheet verifications, and more. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly create, edit, share, save, and securely upload signed documents. Contrary to common misconceptions, electronic signatures are legally recognized in India under the Information and Technology Act, Indian Contract Act, and electronic Authentication Technique and Procedure Rules. Rest assured, our e-signature platform prioritizes transparent security, robust data protection, and the trust of thousands of satisfied clients.


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Business Authentication

Streamlined Business Authentication and Digital Solutions.Effortlessly signand stamp invoices, business proposals, appointment letters,agreements and various other documents.

Individual Authentication

Secure Individual Authentication. Our platform offers digital signatures and stamping services, providing a reliable and convenient solution for personal document authentication.

Education Authentication

Reliable Education Authentication for Institutions and Coaching Centers. Our digital signature solution offers seamless signing and stamping of resumes, documents, and agreements, ensuring authenticity and compliance.

Legal Authentication

Rusted Legal Authentication Solution. Our platform enables seamless stamping and signing of any kind of legal documents, ensuring authenticity and compliance.


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Saurav Gupta
I have worked with this team.They have constructed a carrier steadfastness program, a social average stage and an Online business webpage. We have been very content with the work and valuing and will keep on working with them later on.
Seema Arora
With this team, I have collaborated.They developed a social media platform, an e-commerce website, and an airline loyalty program. We will carry on working with them in the future because we are really pleased with the job and the pricing.
Ranvish Gupta

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